Change Accountant

Is Your Accountant Holding You Back?

Occasionally switching accountants can be the fresh start you need to help you build and grow the business you’d love to have. The process of switching accountant has been designed to help you move on quickly and stress free.

Here is How!

  • Once you make the decision to switch we will contact your previous accountant and explain that you are moving your business to us.
  • Transfer your books – We will work with your previous accountant to have all your information transfer to us.
  • We’ll start working with you – to get your accounts and tax done right, and done on time, giving you the freedom to work on the business you’re passionate about.

Not sure if you’re ready to switch? Find out where you might need more support!

Please take a moment to ask yourself these questions about your Accounting and Bookkeeping situation:

  1. Are you receiving sufficient business advice from your accountant?
  2. Is your accountant not communicating with you, regarding your business condition?
  3. IS your accountant an Investment or an expense for your business?
  4. Is your accountant doing any proactive tax planning for you?
  5. Do you fell that your bookkeeper/accountant is not competent with th current tax issues facing business owners these days?
  6. Do you feel that your accountant does not really care about your business needs, just the numbers?
  7. Have you outgrown your bookkeeping/accounting service and their ability to help your needs?
  8. Are you afraid of your accounts bill, because you never know how much you will pay for a project or a call?
  9. Is the information you receive from your accountant difficult to read and understand?
  10. Is your accountant having you prepare your own payroll checks and bank reconciliation?
  11. Have you ever been penalized for payroll tax violations?
  12. Are you receiving your financial statements late from your accountant?
  13. Are your tax returns consistently filed late or extended by your accountant?

If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, you are NOT receiving everything that you should be receiving from your current accounting relationship.

Why not compare what you are now receiving to what the “Small Business Package” can provide for you and your business?

There is no cost or obligation.  Give us a call at 602-249-9160 to find out if we can help.